Office for rent and share in the Montreal construction sector


For contractors, suppliers of materials, manufacturers, professionals, consultants, engineers, architects, interior designers, SME businesses and business people in the construction industry from outside Montreal wishing to enter the Montreal market, having an office and a business address in Montreal is very useful, even if it is only with the intention to start courting consumers of metropolitan Montreal. Renting a business office for one SME company in Montreal, furnish it adequately but occupy it only part-time is not very attractive and conveys a bad image. Therefore, the MontréalCIE Business Centre in Montreal makes its own offices and experts in marketing and construction available for business people, professionals and construction contractors starting up or coming from outside Montreal. This to enjoy:

  • office space;
  • office and work sites equipment; and
  • marketing experts.

in order to find, not only customers and take care of the contracts, but also - if need be - to give a hand to newcomers in business in Montreal representing entrepreneurs in Montreal and assisting them with renovation and construction projects.

Fully equipped offices for construction contractors and professionals

The MontrealCIE Business Centre marketing and construction expert is the only one of its kind in Montreal to facilitate obtaining projects and contracts for entrepreneurs, business people and professionals from outside Montreal. The offices are all equipped with:

  • printers, computers, work tables and software for CAD-drawings;
  • conference rooms and catering services to organize meetings and visual presentations;
  • staff qualified in construction to handle the marketing and respond to calls;
  • free parking and proximity to major arteries in Montreal.

Business office to share led by construction experts

The office is headed by Mr. Daniel Dargis, Engineer, general contractor with over 25 years of experience in the construction and engineering sectors. Mr. Dargis, Eng., and his team act as intermediaries to find contracts and projects for business members of MontrealCIE. Business people such as: general contractors in construction and renovation, manufacturers, suppliers of materials and professional engineers, architects and designers from outside Montreal have now ways to start a business in the market of and around Montreal. This, for an annual basic contribution and a % of sales, in order to provide:

  • an office and a business place in Montreal;
  • a team with marketing tools and advertising campaigns all throughout the membership;
  • tools and equipment in construction and renovation;
  • a group of experts in construction.

To obtain contracts, having:

  • a postal address and mail management;
  • a telephone system;
  • staff to receive the clients;
  • access to interns, full or part-time, to perform services such as:
    • visit clients and put together estimates;
    • make drawings;
    • work on projects.
  • Access to experts in Web marketing of the construction sector;
  • The ability to provide their services to tenant contractors of the office.

The office to share takes therefore the appearance of a business centre including several construction professionals who benefit from having an office and an experienced marketing team to find contracts and clients in the construction sector in the Montreal region and around.

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