Doing business in Montreal from Toronto Calgary Edmonton Vancouver

When companies from Western Canadian cities such as Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton or Vancouver want to offer products and services in Eastern Canada it is certain that Montreal is their first-choice business place for several reasons. In Eastern Canada, Montreal is host to the majority of major companies. Montreal is the business ambassador in Eastern Canada. The MontrealCIE Business Centre enables entrepreneurs and professionals from Western Canada to do business in Montreal easily by providing an innovative propulsion service in business by sharing offices with a local Montreal company and by using its staff of engineers, technicians and managers if necessary; which has, of course, several advantages.

The benefits for businesses from Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton or Vancouver to establish themselves in Montreal with the help of MontrealCIE are:

  • Having a business address and staff available in Montreal in a flexible way and without having to invest large sums of money;
  • Having RBQ-licensed construction contractors from Quebec and professional engineers and architects from Quebec at their disposal who can verify and authorize plans and equipment designed in Western Canada but used in Quebec;
  • Having access to a Quebec company with over 25 years of experience in construction in Quebec to guide them in their projects in Eastern Canada;
  • The availability of resources to search for and find land and buildings and do the mounting of a project.

Business strategy to choose Montreal for companies in Vancouver, Calgary or Edmonton

Companies from Vancouver, Calgary or Edmonton settle in Montreal in order to have access, not only to Montreal, but to all of Eastern Canada. The great distance of 3 to 4 hours by plane that separates them from Montreal forces companies in Western Canada to have a large-scale market strategy. Companies from Vancouver, Calgary or Edmonton even choose Montreal as a place of business, not only to reach consumers in the Province of Quebec and the Maritimes, but also to be able to have a window on Europe with France, the UK, Germany, Spain and Italy. The French language, its multicultural character and the geographical location of Montreal give it more than enviable attributes to facilitate relations and national and international trade.

For companies from Western Canada such as Vancouver, Calgary or Edmonton it is clear therefore that business trips to Montreal are less frequent than those from Toronto. Toronto companies will often prefer making plane trips while Western companies will benefit from establishing a business branch office in Montreal. Previously, fewer firms from Vancouver, Calgary or Edmonton were interested in doing business in Quebec due to the:

  • language;
  • distance;
  • costs to settle in Quebec.

Now, the innovative concept of MontrealCIE allows companies from Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto to have easy access to a business office to share in Montreal with a company with lots of experience and use its services.

Reasons for choosing Montreal as a place of business in Eastern Canada

  • The much lower price of buildings and land allows investors, businesspeople and companies from Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto to find investment opportunities in Montreal more easily with, for the same price, larger buildings and land for their real-estate projects;
  • The standard of living in Montreal is the highest in the Province of Quebec which offers excellent possibilities of ROI;
  • Facility to communicate easily in English and French;
  • Access to the Port of Montreal to receive and deliver the goods;
  • Access to all of Eastern Canada.

Doing business in Montreal and have access to Eastern Canada for companies and business people in Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver is now possible with MontrealCIE.

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