The best way for business people and companies to get an advantage over their competitors is to be innovative. Innovation is not only realized through innovative products or services but by innovative ways to sell these. The MontrealCIE Business Centre shows how to be innovative in providing general contractors, specialty contractors, suppliers of materials, manufacturers and business people in construction and real estate with:

  • An intermediary to handle the marketing and establish the first contact with customers ;
  • Business and innovative marketing tools ;
  • Innovative projects.

The MontrealCIE Business Centre for companies and business people in the construction industry offers - under one roof - its member companies from the construction sector, access to Montreal with :

  • Offices and a business place ;
  • Experts in Internet marketing to obtain more visibility on the Web ;
  • Experts in construction, engineering and design for technical sales representatives and sales people for businesses.

The MontrealCIE Business Centre helps companies wishing to offer products and services to realize innovative projects in construction, engineering and design, such as:

  • Roof terraces and green roofs;
  • Houses for energy saving;
  • New modern and contemporary design houses;
  • House enlargements.

It is easy to compete with a price but to reproduce a unique know-how is more difficult and requires more time. Therefore, an innovative Business Centre was created in Montreal to encourage companies that want to stand out by investing their efforts in marketing innovation and construction projects.

Montreal is an economic engine whose success is largely based on innovation and the creation of new concepts, creative and bold ideas. Companies from outside of Montreal and the Province of Quebec can now have access to the market of Montreal and Eastern Canada through the good offices of the MontrealCIE Business Centre which takes care of finding customers, projects and contracts in the Montreal area, such as:

  • renovation projects of:
    • bathrooms;
    • kitchens;
    • basements;
    • businesses;
    • house extensions.
  • new construction projects:
    • home;
    • business;
    • daycare;
    • garage.
  • Project design, architecture and engineering.

Construction contractors, business people, developers and companies from outside Montreal will find all the support required to increase their client base in the Montreal area by calling upon our services.

Do not hesitate to contact us!